Thais is characterized for having a voice with a wide range of nuance, among which are sweetness, strength and expression. The style of her songs, which always impresses its personal touch, focuses on pop and dance, also through rock, R & B or techno.

She becomes a part of the Coral group of UPC Architecture for half and a year, but her true artistic education was acquired at Art i Salut de la veu singing school, where she received singing and vocal techniques from professors of the stature of Mónica Millares for 2 years and a half.

On Stage

Her musical career started at the end of 2005 with her collaboration in Silver Clover, a vocal group formed of she and two friends. Thais develop the roles of backup singer, main singer and lyricist sharing this responsibilities with the rest of the group. Silver Clover performed for a year, after breakup by personal reasons, they visited many Spain cities performing at several events.

After the breakup, Thais decided continue of her own and she combined her job as a studio artist with the stages, she performed some of her musical themes by herself or in collaboration with Sexy Mafia dance group who contributed with a unique flair her performances.

Early 2008 started to work as a backup singer for Juan Castillo at the El Molí musical bar at Roca del Vallés. However was a short collaboration due low abundance of people at the bar.

In 2009 the joined to the musical and dance duet Axis duet for 3 months, where plays the roles of main and backend singer. Thais performs on many Catalonia villages with the duet, interpreting folklore music.

On Studio

Thais worked several times as session musician for many studios and producers performing themes of different music styles as a backed and main singer. She has collaborated with many producers like Pol Rossignani, Vitek, Marcel Graell, Cristian Lavino o José Luis Bustos.

Among its studio works we find a collaboration on the cartoons series Maison Ikkoku album in 2006, produced by Paco Nula, she sang backup and main voice and collaborate on the lyrics also. In 2009 started to work as dance and techno music themes that were included on international compilations a edited her first single “Let me go” with Planeta Mix Records.
In 2009 October is produced “Voices”, her first album in solitary, with the production of Vitek and the support of Clipper’s record label. The album includes a duet of Thais with Ander, from Andermay group, and 2 themes produced by White Sky and teeandgee also.

On Youtube

Years later, in 2014, Thais begins a new musical project with the Youtube channel ThaisMusicMelodies. In this project, the singer pushes her producer face creating completely a cappella themes, making all the song’s instruments with her voice. Later, the channel will include instrumented cover songs where she performs only the main voice and new collaborations with another musicians and singers.

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